Glaucoma prescribing data from NHS England 2017

An analysis of GP prescribing of leading glaucoma eye drops over the period June 2015 to May 2017 summarised to the level of clinical commissioning groups.

UK Climate data animation 2017

Which is the nicest month weather wise ? I've long held that June and September are the nicest months in the UK. But does the evidence back that up ? I decided to take an objective look, the result, an animated bubble diagram that charts 100 years of UK temperature and rainfall data courtesy of the Met Office. The results indicate June to be slightly but consistently drier and warmer than September.


Deforestation in Equatorial Africa 2017

Animated bar chart using Google Public Data Explorer illustrating land percentage covered by forest in all the countries of equatorial Africa from 1990 to 2015.

Worldwide All-Inclusive Holidays 2017

Conceived to simplify the process of choosing your next holiday by presenting a high level data visualisation of the range of Thomas Cook All Inclusives. This consists of a side by side bar chart style comparison of the fundamental factors involved - weather, price range and flying time (from London) at country level..

Ski Facts, since 2014

Ski Facts helps skiers and snowboarders choose a technically suitable European ski resort. Eschewing the traditional glossy brochure style, Ski Facts takes a data visualisation approach incorporating public domain data on the technical fundamentals of each major resort such as altitude and number and difficulty of runs into a combined mapping and charting tool to help people identify which resort best suits their ability level.

Developed using D3 javascript data visualisation library for charting and Carto for mapping.

Nepal Trekking, since 2001

Hull based Nepal Trekking has been operating trekking services in Nepal for over 25 years. I have had a long term enduring business relationship with this excellent company, having designed their original website in 2001 and have maintained it for them ever since.

Marlow Local Amenities

A web mapping application serving local information for Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Built on ESRI's cloud based mapping platform, this application locates banks, pubs, churches, restaurants etc within a variable radius of Marlow town centre.

How Fair is our world ?
How Fair is our world ?

A global data visualisation of various United Nations indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality, education or income projected onto a scrollable interactive globe. Currently offline and awaiting new globe rendering software since Google withdrew the Google Earth API plugin in Jan 2017.

Wycombe Photo Tour

A web mapping application serving as a photographic guide for tourists and visitors to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Also available as an Android smartphone app on Google Play here

Readership of British Newspapers in Decline

As my analysis shows, readership of newspapers has been in decline across the board. This became most notable around 1981.

Built on the TableauPublic platform.
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